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Redlands 360 Filing One - Easter Hill - 25 Lots

Nestled in the heart of Easter Hill, the visionary development known as Redlands 360 Filing 1 marks an exceptional stride in redefining modern living. With a profound commitment to innovation and quality, Goetzmann Custom Homes is pleased to have to secured 25 lots.





 Lifestyle Harmonized At Easter Hill

 Enveloped by expansive open and versatile trails interwoven throughout the community

• An acclaimed haven for mountain biking enthusiasts, seamlessly merging the thrill of exploration with the majesty of the outdoors

• A tapestry of leisure pursuits beckoning in the vicinity, inviting residents to revel in a myriad of recreational possibilities

• A dedicated parking precinct ensuring seamless public access to the enthralling network of trails


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Goetzmann Lots

Goetzmann Homes proudly presents a unique opportunity with 25 thoughtfully planned lots, each boasting panoramic vistas that capturing the essence of the area's charm, while also providing an unparalleled sense of seclusion and tranquility. For those seeking to embrace this remarkable blend of captivating views and exclusivity, we invite you to explore further by contacting our dedicated sales specialists.

Finding Easter Hill


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