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In the heart of Grand Junction, Colorado, a remarkable new chapter is unfolding as Goetzmann Custom Homes is proud to announce the new addition of building in Redlands 360 – an innovative master planned community. Redlands 360 is designed to seamlessly blend the captivating allure of nature with modern comfort. Nestled alongside the breathtaking Colorado National Monument, this distinctive development offers an exclusive haven that balances tranquility with city conveniences.

Grand Junction, a city known for its unique blend of rugged landscapes and contemporary culture, sets the stage for this exciting venture. With its abundant sunshine, burgeoning vineyards, and a community deeply rooted in both tradition and progress, every day promises a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

At Goetzmann Custom Homes we are proud of our reputation of unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and architectural brilliance, and are please to offer a new location to build the home of your dreams. 

We know that not everyones dream home is built in the same spot, and Grand Junction offers a unique opportunity to experience a different Colorado then what is known on the front range. This is more than a community; it's an opportunity to experience luxury nestled within nature, where Goetzmann Custom Homes transforms dreams into living realities. Join us in this momentous journey as we redefine modern living, crafting a narrative where each day is a canvas for inspired living and natural splendor. 


Goetzmann Homes is proud to be taking part of the first phase of Redlands 360, Easter Hill. With over 25 lots purchased, Goetzmann Homes is excited to make Grand Junction your new home. 

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Goetzmann Custom Homes is proud to be entering the first Master Planned community in Grand Junction, Easter Hill 

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Easter Hill, located in Grand Junction, Colorado, is a picturesque mesa offering panoramic views of the surrounding area. It's a popular destination for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, providing a scenic backdrop for exploring the natural beauty of Western Colorado.

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